Our Goal: To help every school have solar panels

From planning the system and sourcing the funding, to installation and long term management. We carry the cost and risk, so you don’t have to.

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Lead by example

“The big thing about educational sustainable development is, it’s motivational. Young people feel part of their future and they feel more self-esteem, more engaged and powerful.”

Ann Finlayson, Executive Chair, Sustainability & Environmental Education

Educate the next generation

Enrich your teaching and learning

Find out how to use solar as a teaching resource to make learning for primary and secondary students more meaningful.

Link your school to your curriculum
How we do this? With our education advisers
That's how it works

We build the tools.

At Solar for Schools, we help schools go solar by managing and de-risking the entire process of funding, installing, managing and maintaining solar panels, so schools have complete peace of mind now and in the future.

  • We provide the tools and support to make solar projects happen.
  • We determine the most suitable size of the system for schools and investors.
  • We provide key educational support.
  • We look after the system on behalf of the school and investors.
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“We’re always on the lookout for very promising companies that have a demonstrable carbon reduction impact. After full evaluation of this business we decided to invest in solar for schools.”

Saffron Myhill-Hunt, Low Carbon Innovation Fund

Join us and cut your carbon

Help meet local, national and global carbon emission targets

  • Contribute to reducing emissions
  • Educate and Inspire a next generation on how to live more sustainably
  • Hedge against rising electricity prices and save money in the long term
Join us and cut your carbon
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”We wanted to be environmentally friendly and cut costs as much as we could. Solar for schools would take out a lot of the hassle of a project of this type. There was no risk to us at all, all the risk is with the company. You can only benefit.“

Kathy Haig, School Business Manager, Coopers Edge School, Gloucestershire
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”One of our strategic intents is about developing the childrens’ responsibility for the environment and developing their understanding of sustainability in the broadest of sense. Having solar panels is the start of that.“

Keely Folker, Head Teacher, Coopers Edge School, Gloucestershire
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Already look after over 10,000 solar panels on nearly 50 schools in the UK.

Let us manage your solar power so you can focus on teaching and learning.

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